Dancing for my son’s birthday (Update)

Hi everyone and Happy Mother’s Day yesterday!

Remember several months ago I promised that I’d keep you updated on my progress with learning traditional dances here in Kenya? Well I thought I’d post a link for you all to enjoy. As you know from the content of the blog posts that I write, dance is a huge part of my life. It is important for me to learn the culture of a place and what better way to understand culture than through folklore?


On May 5th my youngest son celebrated his birthday.  I decided that I’d dance for the occasion. Five years prior it was a 12 hour labour of love. A circle of celebration that culminated into a new person that I held in my arms. Somehow it seemed like he had been here before.  A loud, strong and determined little boy with big cheeks and black curls on his head made his way into our lives in a big way. We named him Zahari Nidhan which means Illuminated  Treasure.



Sometimes the dance of life is painful and sometimes it is full of joy. Sometimes the joy and pain are synchronised in the dance.


I’m interested to hear what you think:)


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