Mom on the Run

           Kids are scary. Especially when they are little bundles of cuteness who need you at every moment of the day and night. Some of us feel like we were busily enjoying our extended teenage years when suddenly, we were a mom. Sometimes I look at my little bundles of joy and I want to run. Not because I don’t love them but because I look at their big, hopeful eyes and suddenly I become afraid that I won’t be able to give them everything that they need in life.


              As moms it was only yesterday when we were little girls with wide eyes and big hopes. At some point we realized that life was more than imaginary games, rollerblades and climbing trees (yes that was my childhood), we realized that the world can be a cruel place. It’s usually about that time when we are becoming moms. So there we are with this little bundle of joy that we are supposed to raise while our hearts have been scared and life has been tough around the edges.


               Over the weekend after the First Lady’s Half Marathon dubbed “The Beyond Zero campaign” whose aim is to eradicate maternal and infant mortality, a mom confessed to leaving her 5 month old twins in the car with the windows wound up so that she could participate in the marathon.

“Careless Mother Locks Toddlers In A Car To Take Part In The First Lady Marathon via Niaje”


         Yes! i was Equally surprised as you are right now. Funny thing, it seems that when she was confronted she did not see what the problem was. Furthermore she was running for a good cause. Right? Without a doubt It’s tough to raise kids and sometimes we feel like running away. We may even involve ourselves in great causes to ‘save the world’ that take us away from our kids. But when we feel like running take time to think about the mom who left her kids in the car while running the Save the Children Marathon.

             Sometimes we need to turn around and run towards our children. And in doing so we are able to save our kids from ourselves.


(Photo courtesy of Capital FM Kenya.)

           Congratulations to the First lady of the Republic of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta for organizing, participating and finishing the race in the First Lady Half Marathon dubbed “The Beyond Zero campaign” whose aim is to eradicate maternal and infant mortality.


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