Interview: Judge Joanne Of Sakata Talks About Her Music & Dance Career | @VibeBlissMag

I thought I’d share this with everyone.



Bermudan born Joanne Ball-Burgess also known by her stage name JO-1 is a well known dance judge on East Africa’s biggest dance show,Sakata Mashariki. She is the longest standing female judge on the show and is known for her honest comments. She is also a musician.

Vibe Bliss Mag: When did you start your musical and dance journey?

JO-1: I started singing at the age of 7 in church. I was a very shy child back then. I also loved to dance but didn’t start performing until my teens mostly again because of shyness. I know that watching Sakata no one believes that I was or am a shy person.

Vibe Bliss Mag : What don’t People know about you?

JO-1: Most people don’t know that I am a singer, dancer and author. My vocal abilities range from R&B to Neo-soul…

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