Dear Dancers


Dear Dancers and fans of Sakata Mashariki,

Throughout the competition we as judges have given our comments to the dancers. During the finals we were asked to be silent so that the fans and viewers would be held in suspense while waiting for the results of the competition. Although I was silent in my judges’ chair my heart was racing and my mind was running over the season that we had. Many of you have asked me to comment on your crew and the results of the finals tonight. So I will list them here:

Dear Shakers,


You are a young crew with so much potential. It is rare that a crew from Kenya will come into the competition for the first or second time and make it all the way to the finals. I loved watching your tenacity and passion on stage. It is obvious that you are putting in many hours learning from more mature dancers. Keep it up, continue to be teachable and humble, learn new genres of dance and I wish you well as you grow.

Dear Limbo,


I am sorry that your music did not work completely during your routine. It was obvious that you were tired and exhausted. This is your second time in the finals and I appreciate the way that you never give up. You keep showing up and giving it your best. Now it is time to look beyond the competition. I encourage you to begin to source for connections that can link you towards bigger shows and more dance training opportunities. Although you didn’t win you still have so much work to do. So keep up the dancing and all the best.

Dear Alpachino,


This has been an emotional journey for you. Your crew are like brothers. You work together and take care of each other. I appreciate your discipline and humility in the way that you accepted your loss. You could’ve told everyone that you were dancing to be able to pay off the balance from your crew member who had an operation but instead you did your best and hoped for the best silently. Life will reward you. Stay open. The reward will come through the struggle.

Dear DSI,


From the scores this season your crew entered the finals as the underdog. It’s ok to be the underdog sometimes. David was the underdog and he killed Goliath. Although you didn’t win, never underestimate the reason why you were in the finals in the first place. You were there because you earned your place in the finals. From the auditions all the way up. Continue on your path and I hope to meet up with you soon.

Dear T-Africa,


Your choreography and story-line tonight was one of the best that I have seen on Sakata. Thank you for showing Kenyan female dancers that they can and must work hard to be respected in this industry. Thank you for showing us that dancing is more than just with the lower waist. Thank you or remaining original in this competition and for not sourcing your choreography from YouTube.  I wish you the best as you go back to Tanzania as the third runner’s up.

Dear IDU,


Thank you for reminding Kenyan dancers that dancers to not need to sacrifice their technique for the sake of entertaining the crowd. Thank you for making us think that the stage was made of bouncy rubber. Thank you for inciting in my heart anew fire for all things dance as I sat there and watched you sail through clean choreography. All the best as you go back to Uganda and make your country proud as the second runner’s up.

Dear The Band,


Congratulations on being the Sakata Mashariki winners! It has been a journey of three years.  Many times we get frustrated on the way to greatness because we can envision where we should be but life hasn’t gotten us there yet. This year you got there. The journey has been long and well worththe wait. This is your year.  I hope you realize that your winning isn’t just in winning this competition but in winning in the dance of life.  In order for you to succeed as dancers you need to know what makes you special and unique as a crew. Please be accountable to someone who is honest and understands money with your winnings. I want to hear a good story of how you used the 1 million to better yourselves as a dance crew. Looking forward to hearing great news soon.

With all my heart,

Judge Jo1



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