Uganda Chronicles #SakataMashariki

In case you are wondering, this is how Uganda was like.


Many of the crews were seasoned, well-practiced dancers. They were passionate about their craft. Many cried after being critiqued which shows the level of passion and emotion that goes into performing for an audition.
There were unique elements of choreo that I haven’t seen so far in the auditions. Judge Jesse and I were tough on the UG crews not because they weren’t good, but because there is always something that can be improved on. Of course UG had it’s share of mediocre crews but hopefully they will learn from the seasoned crews and look forward improving in their craft.



Not only are the UG crews more professional than Kenyan crews in dance, they are also full of respect and professional behavior. They were respectful in their approach and friendly as well. Nairobi crews can learn from this: it takes more than just being a good dancer to succeed: knowing how to interact with people, being genuinely friendly and learning from your mistakes can take you a long way.

Me and IDU dancers
Judge Jesse and the Trojans



I am sure that this competition will be stiff this year. I hear that Nairobi isn’t playing and is ready for July 4th where they will have the chance to audition for Sakata Mashariki Season 6. We’ve been to many towns and two regions, let’s see what this season has to offer. Good luck!


5 thoughts on “Uganda Chronicles #SakataMashariki

      1. We did not qualify to next level but we still believe we have something to offer for you guys. It doesnt matter on how long it will take but we believe we are champions

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