Auditions diagnosis #SakataMashariki


So last night’s auditions flew by in a sea of mediocre  dancers from all across Kenya. There were a few good crews but these were few and far between. Those of you who hated on me saying that I wasn’t being fair to the Kenyan crews for my tweets in realtime can now see that the creativity, stage presence and just plain old good choreography wasn’t there. Most crews didn’t even start practicing until a week before the auditions. Guess what, laziness shows and now everyone who watched your terrible dancing can see that. Go and improve in your craft. If you say you’re a dancer be that. Because so far you’re just mediocre. The only two Kenyan regions left to audition are Mombasa and Nairobi. I hope they have something better to offer. Otherwise Kenya may not be able to adequately compete against Uganda and Tanzania this season. #RealTalk #JudgeJo1#SakataMashariki


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