#SakataMashariki Semi Finals Challenge

Good morning Dancers,
In an effort to give crews enough time to practice and to avoid any confusion here is the challenge for the Semi Finals. Those of you who make it will need to prepare well. Feel free to print the information below if you need.


Sakata Mashariki Season 6 Judge’s Challenge for Semi Finals

Challenge Question: How has dance evolved over the years?

Judge’s challenge: In your performance you must display how dance has evolved throughout the years. Your choreography should display a storyline with perfected choreography of the time periods that you are dancing through. Do your research and practice consistently.

How to begin:
1. Do you understand the question? Evolve means to change for the better. To adapt to environmental conditions. How has dance changed because of culture, environment or situations?

2. Pick your theme- What is your theme? What is your storyline? Go with your strengths as a crew and start to map out your theme. Your dance should display your strengths as well as stretch your crew a bit. Some examples of themes that display the challenge may be as follows:

The evolution of dance in East Africa
West African dance from traditional to modern
Dancehall from the 80’s to now
Old School Hip Hop to New School Hip Hop
Dance from the 1920’s in America to now
From Rock n’ Roll, to Disco to Motown and Beyond
The 70’s 80’s and 90’s in dance
From traditional South African dance to Kwito

Your may also choose a theme that is not on this list. As long as your chosen theme displays the evolution of dance this is fine. It is preferred that the crews be creative in their choices. Creativity and originality are desired.

3. Do your research-depending on your theme you may need to dig deep to learn and practice the style of dance from the particular region and/time period.

4. Practice, Practice-Practice daily, invite an outside choreographer to critique your routine. Practice with mirrors or record your routine on your phone and watch it afterwards to see where you should improve. There is not luck in a competition, only hard work and long hours that pay off.

Performance Rubric:

Excellent Performance-The dance crew displays a well-crafted choreography with easy transitions, well-chosen music and perfected stage presence. The dancers are in synch. The theme is easily shown in the choreography (not written or said). The dance is related to the theme and carries the storyline or theme throughout the performance. The dancers have perfected the chosen genre and/or dance style for the time period and/or region.

Good Performance- The dance crews display good choreography that may have some rough transitions. The music is ok but hasn’t been completely thought out.  Stage presence is fine but not outstanding. The dance may not relate to the theme throughout the whole dance but follows the theme for some of the performance. The dancers have chosen varied genres and styles to go along with the choreography but may not have perfected the dance styles or genre.

Fair Performance- The choreography is of medium quality with rough transitions. Stage presence is wavering. The chosen music does not suit the performance as well as it should. The dance theme pops up now and then but is not easily seen in the choreography. The dancers have not completely researched the dance genre and styles but dance well on their strengths.

Poor Performance- The choreography is monotonous and the dancers are out of synch. The transitions are rough with dancers forgetting their placement or not remembering the choreography. Dancers do not exhibit good stage presence. There is no obvious relation to the judge’s challenge in the performance. There is no ‘evolution’ of dance style and the chosen genre is not perfected by the dancers.

Are you ready to try to tackle the first judge’s challenge? The purpose of this challenge is to bring out your strengths as a crew and to stretch your crew to grow in choreography. It is a themed challenge as well as a technical and musical challenge. This challenge will also display your knowledge of how dance has evolved throughout the years.

Happy Dancing!
Judge Joanne, Judge Jesse and Judge Renee


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