#SakataStory IDU


Sakata Mashariki has opened a lot of doors for us. We have been busy with plans to resume the dance classes we were offering initially. We had put them on break so that we could focus on the competition. We give free dance classes three times a week to kids in a public place that we have managed to secure.

Our best moment during Sakata Mashariki was when we moved Judge Joanne to tears with our performance. This was a major milestone in our dance career. From the Judges’ comments, we have learnt that being a part of the dance emotionally and physically through the choreography can be really engaging. We hope to take our dancing to the next level and make a name for ourselves throughout East Africa and the World at large.

We became runner’s up in Sakata two seasons in a row which is not something we take lightly. It is a very big achievement for us since this has never been done in the history of Sakata Mashariki. We used the previous winnings very wisely. Matthew, one of our crew members started a boutique which stocks unisex urban wear last year in June.


Matthew plans to start designing his own clothes in the near future. If you were wondering why IDU always looked awesome during Sakata, this is because they were dressed by Matt Fashions, the boutique. Matt Fashions is located in Kasese along Mbarara fortportal highway, Kaganda building Ground floor, room 2. If you want to get in contact with IDU for bookings or to inquire about Matt Fashion’s Boutique please contact Matthew at: +256 705 425 070.


3 thoughts on “#SakataStory IDU

  1. i really feel so blessed as a dancer to have such a focused and determined crew #idu..in uganda..i represent vizurii dance crew uganda but i really feel so happy to see my fellow dancers/ugandans giving in their best…be blessed idu…moreso to this we should create unity between the ugandan dancers first this will be one of our strongest weapon formed between us..thanks

    1. Thanks Vizuri for your shout out to IDU. We would also like to hear how your crew has been doing since Sakata. Please send an inbox message on the Judge Jo1 Facebook page.

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