Blezzaz Crew #SakataStories

Last week we highlighted IDU, a well known, professional Ugandan crew which has quickly become a favorite across East Africa since their debut on Sakata. Today we highlight a less well-known crew who didn’t make it far in Sakata but their story beyond Sakata is beautiful nonetheless. Here is Blezzaz Crew:


Just like other crews, we had a taste of Sakata Mashariki. Little did we know that Blezzaz was growing to become another big dance crew in Eldoret, Kenya and East Africa. Our performance may not have been good enough but it was still a threat to most of our competitors. The judges’ comments made us go back to zero a re-establish ourselves. I thank Sakata Mashariki and all the judges for making us the great dancers we are.

Our latest gig was at Chebarbar 7s held at Eldoret on sports club on 12th of October and we are anticipating more in the near future. Our biggest challenge is the cost of uniforms. We find it to be a bit on the higher side and hope to be able to afford it in due time.


Our best moment during Sakata was getting the chance to experience the feeling of competing with other professional dancers on a world class stage. The stage was so heated up that it took our breaths away. It was full of competition and our battle with Wizzards was our climax.


In the future, we hope to participate in the many upcoming dance competitions like Donye competition in Kisumu County, Kiptabut evolution and many more around the country.

Chebarbar Flashmob

Hotel horizon kiptabut show -18th October…
Chebarbar 7s -10th and 11th Oct
Chebarbar flashmob -9th October
Moi university freshaz night -9th October              

Upcoming Performances
Uasin gishu County dance competition -24th oct

Future plans
1.Engage in many competitive dance competitions in a bid to better our performance and exposure

2.Enter the corporate market as a compelling entertainment brand through our dances

3.Explore various genres of the post modern dance to create a fusion of world class advanced dances

4.Plan to create and also be part of various dance workshops that illuminate our type of motion art

5.Endeavour to grow into a formidable brand that will speak not just for Kenya but for East Africa as a whole.


For bookings, you can find us on the contacts below.

Contact (0703815879) – Manager (0715141925) – Leader (0729577093) – Dance Coordinator email:


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