#SakataStories : Zone X Crew


Zonex is the creative and well-polished crew from Sakata Mashariki Season 6 who became favorites to many.  They were noted by the judges as the crew with the best choreography during the auditions.  Zonex  made it to the finale and were confident in every way. Even though they did not win they left their memorable mark on viewers and fans alike. We wanted to know what Zonex had been up to since Sakata.


Ever since Sakata, we have been able get gigs at Smirnoff Guarana activation, The Coca-Cola anniversary this year and The Indian Diwali night. We have also been featured in Absolute Comedy Amplified which was hosted by Joe Sauti.


Michael the choreographer of the crew, not only trains this crew but also other dancers from Uganda. He is a choreographer for both male and female dancers who are equally talented and dedicated.

Sakata Mashariki has expanded our borders and has helped us get the exposure we needed to grow. It has been open season for us as the team and Michael as we have been able to get to showcase our talent and creativity internationally. The auditions were the trickiest part because Michael had to practice with a new crew just a week to the auditions. This challenge ended up becoming our most memorable moment since during the auditions we gave it our all and emerged the best.

We encountered other challenges through our journey to the finals but we soldiered on through it all. This was not the last of the challenges. All through Sakata our faith was tested and tried by those who never wanted us to prosper but we were never put down. If anything, we emerged stronger. We congratulate Zonex for a job well done. We look forward to your continued journey in dance. We know that the story isn’t over yet.


For bookings please contact Michael through this number (+256 775 714 067)



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