Introducing Baby Rainn

 On December 17, 2015  our baby boy was born weighing 3.46 Kilos (7.7lb) .
The journey of this pregnancy has been one of transformation, patience and grace for me. I’m thankful for the support near and far. I’ve enjoyed dancing (with this baby) and I can’t wait to see him dance as he continues to grow. You can view the video of us dancing on this link>>
Judge Jo1 Rocks It 3 Days Before Pregnancy Due Date

Introducing Our Son

Rainn – born during the Elnino rains,  his name symbolizes  showers of blessing from above. A gift given by the protector of children.  Powerful and equally refreshing.

Wesley – named after the father-in-law whom I never knew. I’ve heard so much about you and welcome your advice when you step out of the shadows of another dimension from time to time.


A huge thanks to the Karen Hospital doctors, nurses and staff.  A big thanks to friends and family near and far. Your gifts, visits, phone calls and thoughtful gestures have supported me and my family greatly.  

Rainn is truly our Christmas present that came before Christmas.




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