Letting Go of Our Egos to be Great Dancers

Happy ‪#‎InternationalYogaDay‬ everyone! I cannot stress enough how much every ‪#‎dancer‬ should regularly practice yoga. It was yoga that supported my path to healing after a surgery that caused me to question whether or not I would dance again. Especially here in Kenya where many dancers do not have access to health insurance, ‪#‎yoga‬ can gently support healing for many injuries.

Many ‪#‎dancers‬ in ‪#‎Nairobi‬ don’t like to attend other dancer’s workshops. So the non-dancers and aspiring dancers enjoy the workshops while the “professional” dancers with huge egos complain about why the dance industry isn’t rising in the way other arts industries are rising. Well, in every profession there is professional development. You wouldn’t trust a computer engineer who graduated from college in 1985 and never bothered to get professional development after that.

Dancers in Nairobi can be like those engineers who graduated in 1985 sometimes. And for those of you who disagree and are giving away your services for free, you are helping to destroy this industry for the sake of Instagram likes. But I digress.

In order for us as dancers to become all that we need to be we must be able to put our egos down once in a while. Today, find a #yoga class and let’s use this practice to begin physical,emotional and artistic healing. Our‪#‎creativity‬ will flourish, our minds will be clearer, we will be able to work together ‪#‎unified‬ easier. Because when we come from a place of nothingness, we are able to be filled up with everything good that we were designed to be.

With Love and Dance,
~Judge Jo1


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